In 1995 I retired from the police following thirty years of service.  I was lucky enough to spend most of those years riding police motorcycles, from the humble 200cc LE Velocette ‘Noddy’ bike round Barnsley, ‘Heartbeat’ fashion in 1965, to the BMW K1100LT round Rotherham, up until my very last working day in 1995.  During those thirty years I was trained to become an advanced class 1 motorcycle instructor and examiner, royal escort group team rider, and instructor for other police motorcyclists to perform this role.  I had a secondment of three years with the No.3 Regional Crime Squad as their surveillance motorcyclist, and became an Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists area Examiner in 1992.

On retirement I commenced my own business Advanced Riding Techniques and in 1997 Damian I’Ianson, then deputy editor of RiDE magazine, gave me a “Highly Recommended” ... the only one that was, of the eight advanced rider training schemes to be put through the mill by RiDE. I travelled several times a year to assist in training programmes with the Turkish bike club OMM.  In 1999 my wife was diagnosed with cancer and so my training started to take a back seat.  Bonnie died in 2003.  Wanting to spend more time organising escorted tours to Europe I handed the training over to good pal Andy Marper and the company continues to go from strength to strength. 

While training and taking IAM associates for test I wrote the following article for the local IAM group magazine. It was well received and published in many of the surrounding area magazines. It is often printed out and used as a training manual, and to date no one has challenged me on any of my thoughts or my ways! 

The article is reproduced here for your information, consideration and hopefully your benefit.  As you can guess from the letter about it below, I have tweaked it a little to be a little more PC* for these hallowed pages!

*Not like me some would say!


Part 1

The Four S’s of motorcycling ...  How to become Smoother, Safer, Swifter and Smarter

Originally written for the local IAM group magazine.

Advanced riding isn’t about having green stickers all over your ‘bike, helmet, and pyjamas! It’s about common sense, observations, planning, assessment, positioning and getting on with some decisive riding. Why negotiate three hazards when you can turn them into one! Why negotiate that right hander and THEN overtake Doris and Albert in their Morris Minor 1000 when with planning, cross views, accurate assessment, you can drop into the right hander and past them all in one manoeuvre, maybe stop there for the next left hander. NO sweeping and swooping about! It’s not magic, it’s not rocket science, it’s common sense or gumption! We’ll show other road users that we’re advanced riders not by the badge, but by our smooth uninterrupted progress that doesn’t interfere with them. Those that ‘know’ will comment “Now there goes a good rider!” Those road users that have no idea whatsoever will have no idea of our passing!

But first let’s see what one guy wrote about the article

Copy of a letter published in ‘West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists’ Newsletter March 2001 (issue 145) 


Brilliant... Absolutely bleeding brilliant 

What was, do you ask??? 

Well, I refer, of course, to the article by Mick Wheeler, ex-Police this, that and the other (are there any things this chap hasn’t done on motorcycles?) and the Sheffield Area  IAM  Examiner to boot. 

His article entitled “It’s Not Rocket Science”, published in the WYAMs News Letter, February 2001, was, and I offer no apologies for repeating myself, BRILLIANT... ABSOLUTELY BLEEDING BRILLIANT 

From his comments/ remarks, this guy really has entered the 21st. century.  In particular his item  ‘coming in too soon!’ as far as I am concerned, resolves the “Paradox”,  utterly and completely  (if it ever really needed answering). 

But, wait a minute.  What have we here?  An ex-Police Advanced (VERY) Officer daring to throw open to question, some of the mantra of Police tuition / techniques.  If he is not careful, the whole wrath of the “nouveau riche” (recently acquired green badge holders)  of WYAMs will descend upon him. 

Further, I note, he is not altogether “politically correct”.  Hey, I like this man, though,  coming from me,  this could be akin to having a horses head placed on his pillow. 

Dave Brook

It’s Not Rocket Science

“The cure for boredom is curiosity ... there is no cure for curiosity”   Rev Chuck