The diaries  - Long Way Home - 2  

“All is OK, we’ve adjusted the steering head bearings to the correct torque and all is OK.  Your problem is the weight you are carrying.” (The head bearings were in fact shot - Mick)

“But before we cross the Dardanelles we do a slow figure of eight round the Gallipoli peninsula and take in more of the memories and landmarks of the Gallipoli campaign.” 

“Mick’s technique was to crawl on his hands and knees regularly banging his head, mine was to have hands on the floor, bum in the air – that now has bruises on it too!”

“They pull up outside a house and tell me to take my bike down a narrow track for which getting it back out would be impossible.”

“All of a sudden such a commotion and the police start beating someone up. He's on the floor, gets up and starts fighting. A quick blow with a rifle butt and he's back down again.”

“His patience finally snapped and Mick lunged towards the police officer, murder on his mind. The pick up tyres squealed and sprayed gravel as he beat a hasty retreat and left us with our new guards.”

“The hospital is a shit tip and the first need is to get Sue out of there and on a plane home asap. The journey is over.”

“We asked the police to let him go free and not to prosecute him, his family couldn't thank us enough.  If the prisons are worse than the hospitals, then heaven help all prisoners in Pakistan!”

“I didn’t use the same expletive twice... he stepped back out of range.  I expected to be arrested but he merely told his henchmen to re pack the bikes.  He’ll never know how close he came! Probably me too I guess!”