The diaries  - Long Way Home - 1  


“All the lakes are solid, not a sign of spring at all, even the birds have their thermals on.”

“Having more adventures than ever Charley and Ewan did ... country in the dark with strangers taking us to park our bikes!”

“Almost three weeks now and the fears, the angst, the tummy rumbles have eased and we’re starting to enjoy ourselves and relax into it.”

“After my friends and I have met Mick and Sue and helped to place in Hotel Siberia we went to our bar. It is a nice place for bikers.”

“When I said I wanted to go to Mongolia, the land of no roads and no fences, I never really knew how tough it was going to be.”

“We knew the roads in Mongolia were going to be bad, because there are no roads ... five or ten miles an hour is still progress, but it’s going to be a long way home.”

‘We awoke to a snow storm - lasting all day.  The tracks here, which are hard enough to follow in good weather, are impossible in snow.”

“The roads were so bad I stayed in the same rut for 2 hours, in the same gear, and managed to fall only once.”

“Only the second time we have seen rain in two months.”

“The laughter is back, along with the beer and food!”

“It’s just bloody fantastic to have a firm base for a pot hole to be in!”

“This trip has become my way of life. I’m not ready for home yet.”

“Torrential rain this afternoon, but we’re safely ensconced in the only hotel in town.”

“I work on logic and instinct ... I get lost.  Sue works on female logic and not much else, and gets us out of town.”

“Some of the most stunning scenery we have ever seen ... I’ve never seen so many shades of green in my life.”

“We decline dinner.  We have seen what is boiling in the massive pot on the fire outside: a sheeps head, entrails, guts, the lot.”

“Sue complains that she couldn’t see a thing.  I suggested that for the next tunnel she take off her sunglasses!”

“The chances of seeing any other bikers where we are at the moment is probably 1 million to 1.”

“My Garmin has never registered -54ft before, and my bike has certainly never had to work in temperatures of 50+ degrees C.”

“I scattered tables and chairs with reckless abandon, little did the diners know that one F650 and careful lady owner were totally out of control.”

“I just had to play my trump and final card... the piccie of me on my police bike.”

“The walls are covered in action shots of bikes in exotic lands, camping gear abounds, the place is full of every goodie a person could possibly want for their ‘adventure bike’ and lifestyle.  Do we really need all this gear?  I just rode through the Gobi Desert on a bog standard F650GS.  I guess I am the type of customer they hate to have around!”

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