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22 September

Abbottabad - Pakistan


Hi folks

Just a quickie from the Hotel Alpine at Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Looks like our journey is over.  Yesterday we set off from here, heading north, and then 10km down the road a twat in a car turned across our paths to do a U turn.  So sudden, no warning.  Sue didn't have time to brake and hit him head on in the passenger door.  I swerved a little but collided with his rear end and careered across the road into the metal work of a bridge.  Both bikes are unbelievably ridable but Sue was taken to the hospital complex  here at Abbottabad with a compound fracture of the right upper arm.  She's spent the night there, I'm going now to see how things are, but the hospital is a shit tip and the first need is to get her out of there and on a plane home asap.

Once Sue is on her way I can sort the bikes out, one way or another.

The driver then drove off but was later arrested by the police.  We now have to contend with ALL his relatives wanting to sit at Sue's bedside bringing gifts of tissues, water, orange, cushions etc.

I'll send more as soon as possible... need to get Sue outa there and sorted.

Catchya later folks

Pasted in here much later - the road heading north from Abbottabad towards Mansehra on the Karakorum Highway, looking towards the accident scene.  The guy came towards us, round the (to him) left hand bend and immediately pulled straight across Sue’s path.  Houdini couldn’t have got out of this one.



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