The diaries - 5   

04 May

Khovd - Mongolia


We are still here in Khovd - and there is little we have missed by now.

When we planned to leave 2 days ago we awoke to a snow storm - lasting all day. The tracks here, which are hard enough to follow in good weather, are impossible in snow. So here we sit, waiting for the spring. With
luck tomorrow morning should see us leaving eastwards for Ulaan Bataar, which will take us about 2 weeks.Our enforced lay-off has enabled us to make friends with some of the local people, especially Baigalaa, a young English Grammar student at the University, who took us home to meet her parents, and show us around her brother's Ger. She speaks excellent English and would like to act as a guide during the summer holidays here. So if anyone out there is planning a trip to Khovd, she is contactable at the University.

Oktyabr is a Geography teacher at the University, and has also been a mine of information and a great help to us - but the biggest treat was today, sitting in the square, when we met a Swiss lady, teaching here in Khovd, who told us where to buy CHEESE !!!!

We went hell for leather to the shop and bought the biggest piece of Gouda I have ever seen, so my weight-reduction programme may be on hold for a while.

The food here is interesting to say the least. We have never gone hungry, but the food is never hot, no matter where you go, and somehow, a cold fried egg loses its appeal. Today for lunch, we had a lamb-burger, this was hot, but the rice, roast potatoes and mashed potatoes were cold. I have never eaten so many Mars Bars in my life.


The mobile phones work ok with the exception of text messages which go astray, but I have picked up a couple of irate messages from people who have e mailed - THE WRONG ADDRESS ! Please, remember folks, we can only use the Yahoo addresses shown on the contacts page, our old e mail addresses are now redundant. Mick is now using and Sue

We shall update again from Ulaan Bataar, but as this is several days away, we send our regards for now.


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