Long Way Home 1

Bike Preparation - Mick

Part 3

When fitting the extended sump guard protection plate, I removed a few inches off the rear of the original sump guard protector. They overlap, so no problem, and now it’s just a matter of removing two bolts to take off the extended sump guard, and you can get to the sump drain plug without taking off the fiddly (when crash bars are fitted) original part.

Both ‘bikes were already fitted with the rear brake master cylinder protection alloy plate as fitted to the 1150’s. Will fit straight on, but just require longer bolts and a couple of small
spacers. Before the 1150 Adventure went into the showroom at Rainbow, I took off my beloved Touratech (oops!) additional lights. The fog light I run as a ‘daylighter’ light… ideal when filtering, makes the myopic car drivers see you, plus it lights the edges of the road up at night. The Xenon headlight is just fantastic in the dark. I had to make up new mounting brackets for the 650, and the placing of the transformer box for the Xenon took some working out, but well worth the effort in the long run. The Dakar looks like a helicopter gun ship now!

The Techlusion is a small module that is very simple to wire in… and works! Unplug the wire into the fuel injector, one wire from the Techlusion goes into the fuel injector, the other into the connector that you’ve just pulled off, one wire to earth, and that’s it, apart from now disconnecting the oxygen sensor. In essence, the Techlusion is an adjustable ‘chip’. It’s fail safe, and settings are shown with the instructions for different models and states of tune. I noticed an immediate difference, the ‘bike being much smoother, cleaner and quicker on the pick up. I fitted Sue’s to her ‘bike and sent her out to test for ten minutes… she came back half an hour later grinning like a Cheshire cat!

Wunderlich also supplied 4 x two litre jerry cans and so I made brackets up to hold them to the front of the Hepco & Becker Gobi panniers… they look like real rufty tufty over landing ‘bike’s now!

Touratech additional blades were already fitted to the BMW standard hand guards on both machines. A boon in the cold or rain… lets the heated grips do a better job still!