Long Way Home 1

Bike Preparation - Mick

Part 2

Parts supplied by Wunderlich

  1. ‘Power Safe’ none spill able and totally sealed batteries, for both ‘bikes. 

  2. ‘Wilbers’ suspension units for the rear, plus front fork springs and oil, for both ‘bikes.

  3. ‘Blue Line’ washable and re-oil able air filters, similar to K & N.

  4. ‘Techlusion’ fuel injection adjustment module for both ‘bikes.

  5. Hepco & Becker Gobi panniers + frames. Already fitted to the Dakar.

  6. Extended sump guard protection. Already fitted to the Dakar.

  7. Extra ‘crash bars’ to protect the fairing and radiator, for both ‘bikes. (BMW original crash bars already fitted)

  8. Adjustable span levers for Sue’s 650 (standard on my 2004 model)

  9. Wunderlich’s own tank bag, with side panniers for Sue’s ‘bike.

  10. Rear brake pedal ‘stop’ for Sue’s ‘bike. Already fitted to mine. This part stops the rear brake binding should the original part get bent… which is quite easy!

  11. Wunderlich’s own ‘comfort’ seats, firmer but comfier than the original.

  12. Two pairs of Continental tyres per ‘bike. The Continental ‘Escape’ is an 80/20 Enduro tyre, and their TKC80’s are excellent off road tyres … we’ll see about that then eh!

  13. Side stand larger ‘footprint’ for both ‘bikes. Makes the side stand more secure on the softer ground, and the ‘bike doesn’t lean over so far. But to be honest, the first left hand bend I came to mine decked out and flew off, narrowly missing RJC, chasing me on an R1200GS!

  14. Handlebar raisers. Initially Sue had reservations about fitting these, but having tried them found them to be most useful… especially handy when standing on the pegs going over rough terrain. Couldn’t fit them to the Dakar because the standard windscreen was in the way!

  15. Throttle Rocker, you don’t have to grip the throttle all the time on those long monotonous straight highways, rather use the heel of the palm of your hand to keep the throttle open… lets the fingers do the walking! How I lament the passing of the throttle friction screw that allowed you, with a set throttle opening, to take your hand off the bars!

Other parts were offered, but not used. Radiator guards and front fork gaiters restrict airflow, according to BMW, to the radiator, and with just over a litre of water in the cooling system, and +40 degrees in Turkey I think we’ll stick with the original design! Taller and larger screen for the standard 650 supplied, but not as aesthetic as the dark coloured BMW fitted… which does a great job anyway!